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Why should a Seller consider a Short Sale?

Many homeowners that are not familiar with a short sale believe that Bankruptcy or Foreclosure are the only options. In reality, both can be avoided, which can help rebuild a favorable credit score, avoid potential default judgments, and promote the opportunity to move beyond what will hopefully be a temporary challenge in that homeowner’s life.

A short sale is an excellent opportunity for a homeowner who can no longer afford his monthly mortgage payments, owes more than the property is worth, and has a Buyer who is ready, willing and able to purchase the property.

What is the Difference Between a Short Sale vs. Foreclosure?

A short sale is typically preferable to a Foreclosure or Bankruptcy, as the impact on a homeowner’s credit report is generally less significant. Recent reports have indicated that Foreclosure and Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure may result in a hit on the homeowner’s credit of approximately 250 to 300 points. Bankruptcy can be up to the same, and often a Foreclosure is not avoided, simply stalled. It was also reported that the affect of a short sale on a Seller’s credit is usually much less damaging and can appear as a “compromised” or “settled” status, resulting in less of a blemish on credit. With less of an impact on your credit report, it is more likely that you will be able rebuild credit in a shorter period of time.